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San Juan De Dios Educational Foundation, Inc. Where faith and reason are expressed in Charity


The SJDEFI seal is composed of ten symbols and colors representing the founders of the institution, with their Christ-centered living and ministry, which serves as the soil to which the tree of the foundation is planted; the year it was founded, which serves as the roots of the tree of the foundation and the Mission–Vision of the foundation, which emphasizes the kind and quality of fruits that it wishes to bear and harvest, in the service of the poor.

The Symbols

1578. The year, presented on the scroll, signifying history, represents the beginning of the Hospital through the efforts of its founder, Fray Juan Clemente.

Life in its fullness (the circle bounding the institutional seal) has the Lord Jesus Christ (Chi Rho) at the very heart or core of San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation, Inc. From this heart beats the Divine love that both compels and animates compassionate service (“Servire In Caritatem”) in the two pillars of this Vincentian institution’s vision and mission: holistic healing and health care (the Aesculapius) and transformative education (the book and the torch). All these competencies are crowned by their victory over sickness and ignorance (the wreath of laurel leaves), in the triumphant colors of our Lady and the Daughters of Charity (blue and gold).