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Registrar's Office


The Office of the Registrar envisions itself to be a dependable academic service department and guardian of students’ academic records and other education-related records of the San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation, Inc.


  • As custodian of the institution’s educational records, ensure their accuracy, integrity, security, and privacy;
  • As an educational collaborator, accompany the students throughout their academic journey from enrollment to graduation; and
  • As member of the academic community, support the development and consistent implementation of effective policies and procedures to ensure adherence to standards and promote equity and fairness.

Student Enrollment

The enrollment of students shall be held during the scheduled enrollment days, subject to the following rules:

  1. The enrollment is for the entire term. Academic term is semestral.
  2. Late enrollment is allowed but in no case shall exceed two (2) weeks after the opening of classes as specified in the approved academic calendar.
  3. Students shall be deemed officially enrolled only after they (a) have submitted the appropriate enrollment requirements, (b) have made an initial payment of the tuition and other school fees, and (c) were allowed to attend classes by the institution.
  4. Students who transfer or withdraw in writing within two (2) weeks at the beginning of classes, and who have already paid the pertinent tuition and other school fees in full or for any length longer than one month, may be charged of the total amount due for the school term as follows, regardless of whether or not they have actually attended classes.
1st Week 2nd Week After the 2nd Week
Senior High School 10% 20% 100%
College 25% 50% 100%

Enrollment Process

For New Students (Onsite Enrollment)

  1. Step 1: Present Notice of Admission to the Registrar's Office together with the enrollment requirements. Secure Matriculation Form
  2. Step 2: Pay tuition and other school fees at the Finance Office. Receive validated Matriculation Form (stamped officially enrolled).
  3. Step 3: Present validated Matriculation Form to the Management Information System Office for the processing of school identification card andfficial email address as student of SJDEFI-College.
  4. Step 4: Wait for further official annuncements (opening of classes, secton, class and orientation schules, portal password, etc.) via text message or email.

For Online Students (Online Enrollment)

  1. Log-in to student portal - SJDEFI Student Portal
  2. Click the Online Enrollment Button on the right side navigation.
  3. The Online Form will appear. Fill out all the required fields.
  4. Wait for the Dean's/Principal's approval via SMS or view the portal if your enrollment has been approved.
  5. Pay the required down payment to the following SJDEFI-College accounts:
    • BPI: 0373-1043-45
    • PNB: 1514-1001-6869
  6. Upload proof of payment in the portal to receive acknowledgement of payment.


Enrollment Grade 11 and 1st year College On-going
Grade 12 June 25 - July 12
HEd (2nd year - 4th year) July 15 - August 2
Start of First Semester, AY 2024-2025 Senior High School: July 29, 2024
College: August 5, 2024

Request for Academic Record

Request for official school credentials can be personal or through authorized representative. The following shall be required from the requesting party upon application:

  • Personal Application: Valid I.D. of the owner of the document (Student/Graduate)
  • Through Authorized Representative - Authorization Letter is a MUST, photocopy of the valid of the owner (Student/Graduate) and valid I.D. of the authorized person. Click here for a sample Letter of Authorization.

Steps on how to process

  1. Make an Online Request via email at
  2. Wait for the acknowledge receipt and details of charges via email from the Registrar's Office.
  3. Deposit payment to the San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation, Inc., College via BPI or PNB Bank Account
  4. Send screenshot for the proof of payment thru email at to start the processing of the said request.