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Management Information System

Management Information System (MIS) is a Technical Information Management Support to protect the institutions Assets, Management Risk, and ensure the Regulatory Compliance. MIS/IT department is in charge of overseeing the development of Information System and Information Technology Policies, Rules & Regulations and Procedures.


In order to meet the technological demands and computerization requirements of the whole institution both the academic and non-academic and the various administrative offices in the institution. The office unit mission is to provide the highest quality information technology services in a responsive manner.

The MIS unit oversees, directs and maintains all of the institution’s IT infrastructures. The computerization of the various administrative offices is one of these, the availability of the data resources like network access, computers, internet, maintenance services and the process design and the improvement with the goal of providing services to meet the needs of the whole institution and the tandem with the operating plans of College Institution.


We are dedicated to actively participating and contributing to the improvement of the quality of information technology services provided to the whole community of the College Institution in order to fulfill the vision and mission of the institution.

MIS Services

As the whole set up, the Management Information System (MIS) unit is in charge of managing computer facilities, creating and overseeing computerized administrative systems, and offering maintenance services. The office unit is an ally in the advancement of the institution.

These are the resources and services of the entire institution by the different departments and offices.

  • System Maintenance

    The unit is accountable for the upkeep of the institution’s computer equipment, which is dispersed throughout the computer laboratory and offices.

  • System Development

    The MIS unit is in charge of creating, setting up, and maintaining the several applications and system programs used by the institution; also, in collaboration with the different college departments, in creating and managing the school website.

  • Network infrastructure

    The unit is in charge of installing and maintaining the whole college institution’s network infrastructure, mainly in the fiber optic mainstay and the house of data cabinets for hubs and switches. As well as the internet services of the whole institution.

Under MIS Supervision

  1. Webmail / School Domain
  2. Computer Laboratory Usage
  3. Internet Network
  4. Social Media / Online setup
  5. School Website
  6. Repairs and Maintenance of Computers
  7. Computer usage monitoring of all units/department
  8. Printer usage monitoring of all units/department
  9. Installations of software and hardware to all units/department
  10. Closed Circuit Television
  11. System Software Development
  12. Graphic Design Development
  13. Software Licenses (Firewall, Operating System, Microsoft Office, Web Server, Anti-Virus)
  14. Employees and Students ID production
  15. Sound System (Gymnasium, Theater, Quadrangle, Marillac Hall)
  16. Telephone Communication

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