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Admission Procedure

STEP 1 Schedule of Interview and Entrance Exam

The student applicant has to Call the Admissions Office to give his/her preferred date for interview and for taking the College Entrance Examination.

Walk-in Applicant will be given application form and will choose his/her schedule for interview and for taking the entrance exam.


Daily from Monday to Friday

8:00am or 1:00pm

On the day of his/her schedule, the student applicant has to come to the Admissions Office (Rm 119) to submit the Application Form to the Admissions Officer. Now the applicant goes through Interview to be conducted by the Admissions Officer then after the interview the applicant will be given Entrance Exam Permit.

The student applicant goes to the Accounting Office at the cashier’s window then, present the entrance exam permit and pay ₱500.00 for the Entrance Exam Fee.

STEP 3 College Entrance Examinations

Present entrance exam permit together with the receipt of payment for the entrance exam fee to the psychometrician in-charge in the Guidance Center and take the Entrance Examination.

STEP 4 Entrance Exam Result

Within 3 working days, the student applicant will receive a phone call or text message from the Admissions Office regarding the entrance exam result. If passed, then applicant will be informed about the schedule of laboratory and x-ray tests.

STEP 5 Laboratory and X-ray Examination

STEP 6 Medical and Dental Examination

Student applicant gets the Laboratory and X-ray results on the scheduled date for medical and dental examination.

The applicant gets the Lab result at the College of Medical Technology office (Rm.109) and X-ray result at the X-ray Department SJDEFI Hospital.

Present the Lab and X-ray results to the College Nurse at the College Clinic (Rm.104) to be accommodated for medical and dental examination. Thus, Medical and Dental clearance will be issued to the applicant if cleared for enrolment.

STEP 7 Issuance of Notice of Temporary Admission

Present Medical and Dental Clearance at the Admissions Office (Rm. 119) for the issuance of Notice of Temporary Admission and for other instructions regarding enrolment and important documents to bring during enrolment.

STEP 8 Enrolment

Present all Important documents for enrolment on the scheduled dates at the Admissions Office for checking. If these pertinent documents are complete the Admissions Officer endorses the student applicant to the Registrar’s Office (Rm.122) for enrolment. Copy of the Enrolment Procedure is given at the said office.