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College of Medical Technology

College of Medical Technology


The birth of the SJDEFI College of Medical Technology traces its roots to when the School of Nursing was opened on June 6, 1913 under the management of the Hospital Board. The School was located at the same site as the hospital in Intramuros, Manila, where it held classes and trained students, until the outbreak of the World War II in December, 1941. In 1945, the Japanese burned its building and massacred all those seeking protection within its walls. continue reading ...

The School of Nursing, which was temporarily closed from 1946-1952, re-opened in 1953. It continued to flourish during the postwar reconstruction and rehabilitation which resulted in a new hospital in Dewey Boulevard ( the present Roxas Boulevard). Sr. Taciana Triñanes, DC, the principal of the School of Nursing, dreamed of turning the nursing diploma program into a four-year degree course.

In 1965, a new course, Medical Technology, together with the Liberal Arts program were offered, paving the way to achieve Sr. Taciana’s dream of turning the school into a college.

In the same year, the whole staff of San Juan de Dios mourned when Sr. Taciana joined her creator. Sr. Consorcia de los Reyes, DC, her successor exerted all efforts to build what Sr. Taciana had started.

In the same year, the whole staff of San Juan de Dios mourned when Sr. Taciana joined her creator. Sr. Consorcia de los Reyes, DC, her successor exerted all efforts to build what Sr. Taciana had started.

In 1969, the College of Medical Technology saw its very first batch of graduates, led by Evelyn Caringal, Cum Laude - proof of its goal, to produce competent and effective Medical Technologists.

After Dr. Sunico had successfully managed the whole department, Mrs. Fe Guevarra continued its pursuit of excellence by further developing the programs and improving the curriculum.

The College’s growth continued to peak. In 1985, Mrs. Norma Chang took charge, not only of supervising and managing the college in pursuing its goals, but also of promoting the students’ welfare. It was under her term that Virgilio Macalalad garnered 3rd place in the Medical Technology Board Examination on March 1994

In 1997, Mrs. Chang’s final term ended and the 12 years of her invaluable service to the department become had an important part of the history of the College of Medical Technology. Her professional and academic involvement in local and international conferences, both as participant and guest speaker and PASMETH ( Philippine Association of Medical Technologist/ Public Health) President, served to uplift the College of Medical Technology and the institution of San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation, Inc. as a whole.

Sr. Rhodora Mojica, DC, a Medical Technologist, herself, succeeded as the Dean of College of Medical Technology. As dean, she continued to steer the college and its students towards attaining both academic and clinical excellence, through academic competency, research and clinical practice.

In 2001,Ma. Teresa Marcelo, Ed. D, took on the helm as she became the 5th Dean of the College of Medical Technology. She, too, brought with her a deep commitment to pursuing academic excellence.

Under her deanship, the college has seen victories in various endeavors. In September 20, 2000, the SJDEFI College of Medical Technology won 2nd place in the National PAMET Quiz Show. The winning quiz show team was composed of Francisco Garcia, Anna Grace Gregorio, and Cherry Grace Chamen. In April 2001, Francico Garcia placed 5th in the Medical Technology Licensure Examination. Four years later, in March 2005, Mark Duenas placed 2nd. And, in September 2007, Webster Alindog garnered the top spot, placing 1st in the Medical Technology Licensure Examination.

To this day, Dr. Marcelo continues to lead the College of Medical Technology, as it continues to grow, and as it seeks to creatively respond, not only to the changing times, but also to the new and exciting developments in the MT field.

Program Description

Medical Technology is a clinical laboratory science related to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. It combines the challenges of medicine, the basic sciences of biology and chemistry, and the clinical sciences, into a very satisfying professional career.

Medical Technologists / Medical Laboratory Scientists function as detectives, investigating and determining the causes of diseases. They perform routine and complex analyses, utilizing the latest in biomedical instrumentation and molecular diagnostic techniques. They are responsible for the accuracy of their results and are expected to correlate interdependent test results and physiological conditions. Their work may include supervision and teaching.


The College of Medical Technology aims to form Medical Technologists who will strive to continuously integrate science and technology with religion and foster spiritual growth in their personal and professional lives in the midst of a competitive and globalized society.

Specifically, the College aims to mold a Medical Technologist who:

  1. Shows deep commitment to the teachings of Christ and the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul and St. John of God in his/her services and care for the sick;
  2. Responds to the challenges and demands of the socio-cultural, political and economic environments;
  3. Demonstrates professional and clinical competence in applying scientific principles, techniques and technology in the precise and accurate diagnoses of laboratory examinations and;
  4. Manifests personal responsibility for continuing education as a health care provider, enhances personal attributes of critical thinking, intellectual honesty, sound judgment, decision-making, foresight, and further development of his/her technical, conceptual and interpersonal skills.

Affiliating Centers

  1. San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation, Inc. - Hospital
  2. Ospital ng Maynila
  3. Veterans Memorial Medical Center


DEAN: Rosana C. Tala, Ed.D.

Cleofe A. Ignacio, RMT, MSMT

Duane S. Reyes, RMT, MPH

Charce Pearl Abila, RMT, DHPEd

Glena Biteño, RMT, MSMT

Marielle Celine Bautista, RMT

Celline Ramos, RMT