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Research Presentation Guidelines

A. Poster Presentation

Guidelines: Students and Faculty Category

  1. All paper presenters (individual for faculty/ group for students) including the Second and Third Place Winners in the Departmental Category must submit a poster (Abstract) one month before the Research presentation, to be exhibited in the school’s front lobby.
  2. Content: The Abstract should contain a brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of the thesis: the Research Problem, Method of the Study, Results and Discussions, Conclusions and General Recommendation.
  3. Format: Text should not exceed 300 words and must be written in past tense. The first line is not indented; the text is left justified. The heading ABSTRACT should be bold, centered and in uppercase.
  4. Font style: Arial
  5. Font size: Depending on the number of words used in the Abstract.
  6. Poster size: 4ft. x 3ft.
  7. A heading must be written on the poster stating

B. Paper Presentation

Guidelines: Student Category

  1. The Dean/Department Head will endorse to the Director of the RDQA their respective student representatives to present during the Research Presentation.
  2. The students will then fill up the “Entry Form”. Entry Forms are available in the Office of the Research and Development.
  3. Each group is required to submit a 25–page research output inclusive of the Abstract.
  4. The following format must be followed:
  5. Submission of entries must be one month prior to the scheduled research Presentation.
  6. Panel Reactors may ask 1 or 2 questions for clarification from the presenters.
  7. The Research output of the students and faculty will be published in the SJDEFI Research Journal.