Online Admission & Enrollment Procedure

Admission Procedure

For New Students and Transferees

Issuance of Temporary Admission

For Incoming SHS Grade 12

For Old College Students

To register, please follow the instruction below.

  1. Please enroll through the School’s portal on the scheduled dates via this link
  2. You will need your password issued to you last academic year.
  3. Click here to recover your password

Enrollment Procedure

After completing the forms, please wait for a notification of enrollment from the Admission's Office. With it is an advise that you qualified for enrollment, together with a link for you to access the enrolment form.

Photograph of documentary requirements

Incoming SHS (Grade 11) and College (Freshmen & Transferees).

  • Send the photograph of required enrollment documents to
  • Include the following information: Name of Applicant Program and Level being applied for

Incoming Grade 12

  • Proceed to the step of sending the deposit slip photograph to

Confirmation of Enrollment

  • A notice from the Accounting Office acknowledging receipt of the deposit slip' photograph shall be sent thru email or sms
  • A confirmation letter from the Registrar's Office on the documents received will be sent thru email or sms.
  • The temporary status of enrollment shall only be upgraded to "Officially enrolled" with the complete submission of documents

Deposit Slip

  • Pay the required deposit amount on or before the schedule of enrollment or as directed, at the following banks:
  • Send the photograph of deposit slip to
  • Include the following information Name of Applicant Program and Level being applied for Example: San Juan de Dios/BSPT 1 - Transferee/SHS-Grade 11

Do you have any questions or clarifications?

Please call the Admission's Office 0917-7934731 (Mr. Val Alejandro)

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